‘The Plains’

‘The Plains’ is a coffee table commissioned by a client who had stored some sizeable pieces of wood just waiting for the ideal project!

The design has clean, straight lines which complement the other furnishings in the space where it will be used. At the same time, it has an elegant shape and detailing to make it a stand out piece in the room.

The top is formed of a slab of African Walnut with a Sycamore ‘stripe’ sandwiched in the middle.  The straight, fine grain of the Walnut seems to stretch endlessly out along the table and beyond. This together with the provenance of the wood gives the table its name.  The darker legs are formed from the Brazilian Walnut and are tapered with clean crisp edges to give the table an elegant yet solid appearance.

The leg joints emerging through the table top bring together all three contrasting colours of the piece to bring striking detailing to the plain colour of the top.  They are also highly functional, giving additional strength to the frameless leg structure.

The general design of this piece can be reproduced in different sizes and woods to suit other applications and colour matches.  Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements an we will be happy to help.


African Walnut, Brazilian Walnut, Scottish Sycamore

Dimensions (H x W x D):

1015mm x 415mm x 405mm


July 26, 2017