‘Biblio’ is a simple but aesthetically pleasing bookcase commissioned for a 21st birthday present.  The design was conceived very much around ideas from the happy recipient who particularly wanted the character of the wood to shine through.  It was therefore given simple clean lines with no excess embellishment to interfere with the wood’s natural qualities.

Functionally, the shelves are sized and spaced to give maximum flexibility on the size of book which can be accommodated, from smaller pocket novels to A4 university papers.  The timeless design also means it will complement a wide range of decors ensuring it will find a place in more or less any setting.

The delicate cutouts are based around a common curve profile but also fit within the natural grain pattern of the wood is if they were created by nature itself.  The curves of the sides bring together the pleasing shape and the functional dimension of the piece.

Solid elm is used throughout with the top ‘ornament’ shelf featuring a flame and knot pattern creating particular interest.  The finish is a natural oil which penetrates into the wood drawing out all its rich tones with a smooth but natural surface.



Dimensions (H x W x D):

1015mm x 1000mm x 300mm


January 26, 2017