‘Shaving sets’

Here is a treat to enhance the humble task of your daily shave.  A luxury shaving set hand turned from native hardwoods.  The set shown is made from Scottish Burr Elm which has a striking colour and grain character.  Other interesting woods we use include Spalted Beech, Bog Oak and Cherry.  Each set is finished in oil which gives the wood a natural feel and protection from water.

The traditional double edged razor has a high quality chrome plated razor head supplied to us from a Sheffield-based maker to give a comfortable yet close shave.  The brush knot is made from silver tip badger hair – the Rolls Royce of knots! It is particularly soft and has a wonderfully luxurious feel against the skin.  The matching lather bowl will accommodate most available soap pucks and the chrome stand will ensure that your brush and razor are kept in top condition.

We can also make other sets to bespoke designs and using other woods. Synthetic brush knots are also available if you prefer. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and we will be happy to help.


from £275 - £345


Interesting native hardwoods, Silvertip Badger hair, Chrome plated metal


August 9, 2017


Shaving Brush & Bowl sets, Small things