‘The Kininvie’

This is a limited edition side table incorporating wood reclaimed from a whisky distillery.  The Douglas Fir came from the Kinivie distillery in 2016 when one of the washbacks was replaced.   It has a richness of colour from six or so decades of creating delicious single malt whisky.  Apart from planing and finishing the wood with a hard wax oil finish we do nothing further to the wood allowing the history to shine through, stains and all!

Kinivie is a lesser known distillery but the whisky it produces is highly sought after which makes the wood in this table all the more special.  A real treat for whisky lovers!

We will produce a strict maximum of five of these tables including the one in the photos.  All will be to this design but each one will have its own character so will be truly unique.


Top: Douglas Fir ex Kininvie Distillery. Legs: Scottish Ash




August 3, 2018