Scottish Oak Dresser

This bespoke dresser unit is a commission for a client looking to encompass the style of their existing living room furniture into a specific piece to house crockery and also display collectables.  The result is a classic, functional design with some modern twists.  One such feature is the use of square ‘shadow’ gaps along join lines in the back linings and the skirting.  These are a contemporary alternative to traditional ‘v’ grooves and beads.

A further feature is the use of under-shelf lighting in the open areas of the unit.  This throws a warm light onto the items on display and can be switched on and off by a remote switch located discretely within the shelving area.

The piece is made entirely from Scottish Oak, much of which came from a single log.  This gave scope for the door panels to be ‘book-matched’ for a symmetrical pattern.  The wood has a strong colour and is full of character with pronounced ‘medullary rays’ creating a wonderful fan pattern overlaying the straight grain lines.  Many of the little knots and natural imperfections were incorporated into the finished unit to project the natural essence of the materials.

The colour of the wood is maintained by a neutral oil finish which does no more than enhance the inherent beauty of the wood.  This is complemented by incorporation of ‘antiqued’ brass hardware giving the piece a pleasing aged appearance which was part of the client brief.

The photos show the piece installed in the clients’ new house and populated by some of the many items which the clients were keen to remove storage.


Scottish Oak

Dimensions (H x W x D):

2100mm x 2400mm x 475mm


March 23, 2018