‘Balmenach Distillery boardroom table’

The brief for this commission was to design a unique table fit to host high level company meetings.  The design was left to us but client was keen to incorporate some old oak reclaimed from one of the original spirit vessels from when the distillery was commissioned in 1824.

The shape of the piece is inspired by a whisky barrel, the top having long curved sides enclosing a series of staves.  The top sits on a contemporary frame with angled legs representing strength and endurance.

The reclaimed oak is estimated to be at least 500 years old and most likely imported from France where the best oak barrels were made.  It was a joy and a privilege to work with such beautiful wood which still had excellent characteristics in spite of it having held spirit for the best part of 200 years! The last image shows the staves in their raw state complete with staining before they were milled.

The centrepiece feature incorporates a piece of copper formed from an old copper pipe, also reclaimed from the distillery during an upgrade. This has been polished and engraved as a permanent story of the distillery and the materials it was first created from.

The cable access openings bring the design bang up to date to allow modern working with laptops etc.  The access covers sit flush and ‘hidden’ in table top until needed when they are lifted out using a ‘magnetic’ piece of Elm burr which makes a nice conversation piece.

The coasters were a small bonus for the client and are made from leftover pieces of reclaimed oak complete with stain marks.  Hopefully they will avoid any stains getting on the table!


Top: New and reclaimed Oak with reclaimed copper detailing. Legs/frame: Scottish Ash


(l) 3000mm x (w) 900mm x (h) 760mm


August 17, 2020