This artistic piece started life as a request from an old friend to make something to incorporate some small offcuts of wood given to him years ago by a mutual friend.  Also if possible to reflect our common interest in music (he plays the double bass) and sailing. A brief to stimulate the creative juices, it was a lot of fun to play with ideas before alighting on this final design. The result is an asymmetrical form of curves inspired heavily by the shape and features of a double bass, such as the cutout and ‘f’ hole.  (The client also has a background in yacht design so was going to watch the layout of my curves very closely.  No pressure then!)

Rippled Sycamore was an obvious choice of wood for the top to reflect the traditional figured wood used for the instruments themselves.  I also find it a stunning wood and it’s amazing that it just appears in the woods and hedgerows in this country!  The complement to the light coloured Sycamore was again an obvious choice – American Black Walnut – which reflects the usual dark wood used in the neck of the real thing.  Finally, the jewels in the crown were the small collection of  various coloured offcuts which form the inlaid ‘tuning pegs’.

The final image shows a set of 4 marquetry coasters made from more Walnut and some Maple from the offcuts box.  There are 2 with sailing inspired shapes and 2 musical ones. Well you’re going to want to use coasters with a table like this, aren’t you!!


Top: Rippled Sycamore with American Black Walnut. 'Peg' detailing: Purple Heart, English Walnut, Wenge, Bubinga and Ebony. Legs/frame: American Black Walnut with Box wood dowels


(l) 1000mm x (w) 600mm x (h) 460mm


October 16, 2020