‘Orbit’ is a coffee table commissioned for a client’s home office.  The main part of the brief was that it had to complement an existing suite of furniture, particularly its colour.  Other than that, a circular table was the outline request.

The concept of the design is circles orbiting around a central ‘planet’ when viewed from above.  The lines are geometric curves flowing into and around each other but all leading back to the nucleus – the inlaid form in the centre of the stretcher.

The flush fitting toughened glass top gives a clear view of this linear interaction when looking from above and also from different angles which adds visual interest to the table’s functional use as an informal meeting point. From a practical perspective, the cutaway shape of the low-slung stretcher allows ample foot space for people to sit at the table.

The main material is Black Walnut, coloured further to match the client’s existing furniture – never an easy task! The logo is formed from veneer pieces of uncoloured walnut and oak which ties in with the client’s large oak framed office windows.

It was a pleasure to design and make and ultimately to see it taking its place in an existing environment.


American Black Walnut with French Oak detailing and toughened clear glass inset top


(dia) 800mm x (h) 460mm


June 9, 2021