‘Tales from the East’

Creative minds seldom think in straight lines so why use a square desk? ‘Tales from the East’ is a desk with generous flowing curves and features a design borrowed from Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, once the heart of the Ottoman empire.

The concept is highly practical with plenty of space and two hidden drawers that naturally open along an ergonomic arc from the seating position making this feature a pleasure to use. A deep leather top and drawer linings also give the feel of real quality and luxury.

It is mainly made from elm which is a beautiful wood with rich tones and eye-catching grain patterns. Sadly, these trees have been disappearing from our landscape over the years due to Dutch Elm Disease. To have an enduring piece of elm furniture is therefore something to treasure.


Elm with oak veneer

Dimensions (H x W x D):

735mm x 900mm x 600mm


May 21, 2016