‘Barley Breeze’

‘Barley Breeze’ is a small coffee table.  It has an enticing curvy top sitting on carved legs which have a solid yet delicate root-like appearance. The shape of the piece is inspired by the wavy patterns which can be seen in a field of ripening barley blowing in the wind.

Straight grained Ash emphasises the swishing lines of the top.  This contrasts with the more earthy grain patterns in the darker Wych Elm of the legs.  Viewing it from different angles, you can almost feel the breeze shaping the curves.

The table can stand on its own as a feature piece or the concept can be developed to create a bespoke suite of furniture for a whole room.


Steam bent/laminated Ash with carved Wych Elm

Dimensions (H x W x D):

900mm x 450mm, 420mm


June 15, 2016