‘Fair winds’

‘Fair winds’ is, in every way, a nautical piece commissioned by clients who are sailors and who live in a house high on hill overlooking the sea.  Not surprising then that the lines of this display unit are inspired by the shape of a yacht sail.

Standing 9 feet / 2.7 metres tall and 6 feet / 1.8 metres wide, it creates an imposing feature in the main living space of the client’s house and it is oriented on the wall so that it appears heading through the large glass windows and straight out to sea!

The long curved sections are formed by laminating sections of premium quality European Oak.  The shelves are dovetailed to the curved frames to create a rigid structure and the whole piece was then shaped and faired by hand and eye. It is fixed to the wall using custom made brackets in solid brass.  By its nature, it is a piece which had to be made mostly by hand using traditional tools and techniques.


European Oak with bespoke solid brass fixing brackets


(h) 2700mm x (w) 1800mm (d) 200mm


February 23, 2022