We like to use sustainable Scottish hardwoods

Sustainability is important to us and, we believe, to our clients so we will look for properly and ethically managed sources when buying our wood.

As an important part of this ethos, we prefer to work with Scottish woods which, apart from being beautiful, incur much lower ‘wood miles’ as a result of being locally sourced. Sometimes, this might include a ‘one-off’ where a perfectly good tree has fallen down, e.g. in a storm!

These woods include Oak, Sycamore, Elm, Ash, Beech and many others which, visually, are full of character and can be formed into highly decorative pieces.  Where requested, we can look further afield to source more exotic timbers, again from reputable sources.


Then comes the making.

Many years ago, furniture and cabinet makers would toil expertly for hours, days and weeks using a wide range of purpose made hand tools. Modern times mean we have machines available to speed up the process. Relying wholly on machines, however, can leave furniture feeling a bit industrial and lifeless. We believe a balance between the old and new ways is the best route to creating furniture which really looks and feels hand-made yet can be completed within a reasonable timeframe and cost.

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